Letter: Children deserve a new middle school

February 2, 2023

Our middle school children DESERVE the opportunity to have a lovely, new single school building. Concord has generously supported the rebuilding of our elementary schools within the last 20 years and our high school within the last ten. Yet, THE MIDDLE SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILDREN HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND! This is a project long overdue!

I’d like to share some background:

  • Sanborn was built in 1966 as a junior high; Peabody in 1968 was intended to be an open space elementary school.
  • Both became middle schools due to population increase and the adoption of the K-5/6-8/9-12 structure by the district.
  • I worked in the Concord schools for 30 years, primarily teaching 5th grade at Alcott, where the annual process for middle school placement was always a challenge. Is it Sanborn or is it Peabody?
  • My own three children and three of my grandchildren went to middle school here, so I know both buildings very well.

In addition:

  • I was a member of the Master Plan School Building Committee, formed in 1999, whose recommendations for our K-8 schools were sadly defeated at Town Meeting in 2001.
  • I went on to be a member of both the Alcott and Thoreau Building Committees as we slowly moved ahead.

The Middle School is a town project, as all school construction is. Our public schools need to be supported proudly by everyone.

Come vote for the children who cannot vote and support this project February 16.

Kitsy Rothermel

Musketaquid Road