Letter: We need a Plan B for middle school

February 2, 2023

I think residents deserve to see a good faith “plan B” before the middle school increased funding gets voted on in February.

People are very unclear, getting contradictory answers to what is on the table. 

Are playing fields in or out? If Concord Municipal Light Plant is working on the solar plan, does that add town money even beyond the extra millions?

Citizens took a very big gulp to pass this funding two years ago, knowing state reimbursement would not be available. Certainly the committee should have committed to respecting the generous limits set. I’ve been hoping and voting for an improved middle school for decades, what a pity if upscaling derails this attempt.

Looking at the plan drawings, there are common rooms throughout the academic wing, which makes the multistory entrance atrium large enough for an airport terminal which is puzzling. It has a balcony perfect for launching projectiles. I would dread having before school  “atrium duty.” This is not what we want teachers’ time spent on. Preteens engaged with their work and classmates, won’t stare at the ceilings enough for the colors of them to warrant a budget luxury. Other possible areas to find a way back to the budget would be nixing the outdoor sunken amphitheater – pricier than you’d think- and resizing the auditorium.

Looking forward to the town finding consensus.

Lola Chaisson

Walden Street