Letter: ‘Let’s not be penny-wise and pound-foolish’

February 10, 2023

We are writing in support for the $7.2M in additional funds for the long delayed and long overdue Middle School project. No one can reasonably argue for the continued use, maintenance and rehabilitation of the decrepit 60+ year old middle schools and feasibility studies have shown the tremendous and self-defeating costs of doing so. It is too bad that the master plan to fund multiple school constructions at a much lesser cost failed years ago.  That was a penny-wise, pound-foolish decision.  

We now have a plan for an excellent middle school befitting the Concord community. It is not an extravagant building and is in line with similar projects across the state. 

Unfortunately, reverberations in the global economy and supply chain disruptions have led to world-wide inflation and a cost overrun that is entirely beyond our control. There is no sign that prices will come down to where they were anytime soon. Some cuts were unfortunately made, but further cuts will only take away from the building’s purpose.    

Going back now and drawing up plans for a less expensive alternative will only further increase costs, delay the inarguable need for a school, and commit another year of our children to be schooled in outfitted trailers.  Let’s not be penny-wise and pound-foolish again. Vote YES on February 16th

Mark and Dawn Mullins

Tarbell Spring Road