Letter: ‘We can and should build this school’

February 12, 2023

Few buildings express more about a community than its public schools, because few public buildings are used by so many, representing so many constituencies. This is why it takes so much public input, so much consultation, over so many years, to build one. 

The plan before the Town is the product of countless Town committees and boards and public meetings. It already incorporates countless compromises and decisions; it won definitive support at 2022 Town Meeting, and again, painfully but decisively, at last month’s Special Town Meeting, after every element, every item was closely scrutinized and debated and again. 

Please do not take this process and this work, led by the Middle School Building Committee but accomplished by us, as a Town, lightly. We can and should build this school that we as a Town have brought to this point, even through unavoidable increases in cost. Please support our new middle school.

Also: if I want to see what other media say, including social media, I’ll go there. I subscribed to the Concord Bridge. Stop reporting on and boosting other media. It’s not news. Do a poll, if you must. Write an editorial if you like. But don’t tell me what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook or Nextdoor.

Michael Dettelbach
Assabet Avenue