Letter: A new CMS supports students and teachers

February 14, 2023

One of the most wonderful attributes of Concord, is our school system, which is founded upon a committed team of teachers and staff, all of whom invest daily into the well being and future of our students. Let’s give them, in addition to our children, an environment in which they can thrive in a variety of disciplines (academic, artistic, athletic, etc). I am writing to share my support for a new CMS Building, inclusive of the additional $7.2MM required to move forward. 

While the passage of time has proven to be a financial detriment, it has allowed for the most thorough of analysis and investigation to unfold, resulting in an end state which our town definitely supported in the 2022 Town Meeting, and again more recently, in the January 2023 Special Town Meeting. Now is the time to move forward, and effectuate the plan so carefully constructed by the CMS Building Committee, in concert with our Finance partners, and countless others. Further delay to explore changing the building’s design to reduce costs, will be offset by an increase in fees and construction costs.

Please Vote Yes to CMS.

Emily Rush
Upland Road