Letter: Private plane rental is ‘questionable service’

February 16, 2023

I am writing this email in response to the item on private jet rentals dated Jan. 27.

The front page article was actually a two page advertisement for a questionable service which starts at $6,900 an hour. The piece contained no discussion on the increased noise and air pollution nor on any impact to those of us in surrounding towns who live near Hanscom. The article had no discussion of the environmental impact of the use of private jets. Private jets are five to fourteen times more polluting than commercial planes per passenger. Private jets emit two tons of carbon dioxide in an hour, which is equivalent to a few months of any average person’s greenhouse gas emission, according to the European NGO Transport & Environment.

I have come to enjoy reading The Concord Bridge every week. But this piece was a disservice to our community. It involves a service used by .1 percent of the population, which has a direct adverse impact on the remaining 99.9 percent.

The cost of this “convenience” is too high and is not borne by those who use it.

Mark L. Murphy

Shadyside Avenue