Letter: Wireless antennas can cause harm

February 23, 2023

In your Feb. 17 article, “Select Board eager to improve cell coverage in the center of town,” we are told people are “bemoaning” lack of service. Reportedly the concern is the inability to make emergency calls and supposed loss of economic benefit to businesses in town. The wireless bylaw is blamed because it was written when “only voice transmission mattered.” That misses the intention.

The original bylaw was written by concerned citizens and the Planning Board to allow the town to prevent wireless carriers siting facilities without restriction and to protect the people of Concord. It gave the town the power to choose.

Wireless antennas at Emerson Umbrella would place an antenna within 200 feet of some homes on Devens, Hubbard and Stow Streets; at Emerson Field children, whose brains are still developing, would be exposed; at Concord-Carlisle High School students would be subject to more microwave radiation (than they receive from in-building Wi-Fi) while trying to learn. Trinitarian Church is surrounded by nursery schools and residences. Referring to these sites, Jason Bulger, Concord’s Chief Technology Officer said, “Everything is on the table.”

What is really on the table? The density of microwave radiation required for data transmission comes at a cost. Thousands of peer-reviewed studies show that microwave radiation (non-ionizing) has a deleterious effect on the human body, especially children’s small bodies.

Here are links to a small sample of studies. https://bit.ly/EMF2021on-022023 (Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.) and https://smartech.gatech.edu/handle/1853/61946 (Ronald N. Kostoff, Ph.D.).

Perhaps businesses in town could hardwire their systems (more secure) for data transmission. That way if an emergency call needs to get through it can. And if it is truly necessary to expand coverage, let’s find a site as far from homes and schools as possible. We have choices.

Virginia Hines

The Valley Road