By bike or by foot, Concord students find a Safe Route to school

By Phil Posner
May 18, 2023

Earlier this month, as part of Bay State Bike Month, more than 300 Concord children biked, walked and rolled their way to school. The annual Safe Routes to School program is coordinated by volunteers from Concord Bikes with the participation of parents, school officials and the Concord Police.

At Alcott School, a bike train from Keyes Road was met by principal Naomi Krakow and assistant principal Taryn Moon, who handed out safety gear, bookmarks and prizes. 

Police safety officer Ron Holsinger led the Willard bike train, where principal Matt Lucey and Phil Posner from Concord Bikes greeted them with assorted swag. 

Thoreau School bike riders arrived from Middlesex School along Lowell Road on a bike train led by parent Geoff McCarthy with crucial support by Concord Police at Route 2. 

Another group heading to Thoreau took advantage of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and were met by teacher Karla Keefe and PTG parent Carol Chow Carson.  

The final count of participants: Alcott 80; Willard 80; Thoreau 100.

And for the first time, preschoolers got in the act with a bike rodeo at the Concord Children’s Center hosted by League of American Bicyclists instructor Phil Posner and preschool director Janet O’Shea. More than 30 children and their parents enjoyed dressing up their bikes and scooters and learning new safety and riding skills.

Concord Bikes is planning a town-wide bike rodeo for this summer.