Letter: Why I Will Opt Out of AMS

May 19, 2023

Concord Light’s imminent “advanced metering system” (AMS) will support new rates based on each household’s hourly electricity consumption. Sadly, AMS will also compromise our privacy and threaten our personal and environmental health. Despite efforts to seek wired alternatives using Concord’s Fiber Optic network, the chosen AMS will broadcast data via wireless mesh. Pulsed RF signals will bounce from house to house enroute to fifteen gateways, using fiber to carry data to CMLP. Inside buildings and homes, AMS meters will create a disharmonic mix of frequencies from wired and wireless sources that can affect our biological functioning. https://mdsafetech.org/smart-meters/

Peer-reviewed studies show RF radiation causes cancer, endocrine disruption, DNA damage, behavioral changes including ADHD, sleep disruption, etc. https://ehtrust.org/science/wireless-radiation-health-effects

Our natural world is also affected. Studies show cellular and molecular changes in plants, and broad effects on wildlife.

AMS meters will reveal activities or absences of people inside their homes. We are told daily usage details are “secure,” but can security be guaranteed? What about misuse of this new data set? Landlords can monitor tenants; ex-spouses, the activities of a child’s parent. Could this create a “surveillance state,” in stark contrast to our Concordian values: independence, freedom of choice, and privacy?

What to do? Customers who can afford the monthly fee can opt out, with non-radiating meters. Shielding covers (smartmeterguard.com) lessen exposure without compromising data transfer. But these are half measures. As an environmental attorney with an interest in citizen government, I’ve participated in CMLP meetings for years. I watched expert Tim Schoechle, Ph.D., explain how fiber, not obsolescing wireless meters, will support the smart grids of the future. Concord should complete our fiber network and not waste taxpayer money on a short-sighted investment.

Gail Hire

Nancy Road