Letter: North Airfield development not equitable

June 23, 2023

Given that the science is clear that the emissions from burning fossil fuels are threatening the viability of our beautiful planet….and given that historical and sociological research has exposed with shocking clarity the pernicious effects of the structural racism baked into every system in our society…it behooves us, going forward, to evaluate as individuals, as communities, and as corporations, every decision, every plan, every proposed project, through two lenses. Does it promote sustainability and avoid harm to our soil, water, air, and the health of all living creatures, or does it further exacerbate climate devastation? And does it contribute equitably to the quality of life of all sectors of the population, or does it unfairly affect the health and well-being of people of color, the immigrant families who pick our strawberries and take care of us when we’re sick, and other marginalized groups?

By this measure, Massport’s North Airfield development at Hanscom Field slated to pave over 36 acres and clearcut mature trees that are providing CO2 sequestration so that 27 new hangars can be constructed to accommodate up to 81 private luxury jets, would be a disaster. Wealthy individuals have a right to be wealthy, and to own private jets, but Massport should not be enabling them to make short trips to their vacation homes, or corporate excursions, on the backs of low-income communities in Bedford, Billerica and Burlington who will bear the brunt of the ensuing pollution. If this project goes forward, the resulting increase in emissions would totally negate the reductions that Concord and other surrounding towns are working so hard to achieve.

Please contact Governor Healey to urge her to stop this proposed expansion.

Sylvia Lotspeich Greene

Holden Wood Road