Letter: The dangers of electromagnetic radiation from cell towers

July 27, 2023

It is disappointing to know that the school planned to install a cell tower on the Concord-Carlisle High School campus within the 1,000-foot limitation by applying for a variance, with disregard for that safety regulation, and without properly informing staff and students in advance.

Our prolonged health is more important than the modern convenience of mobile phone reception. Campus safety can be managed by installing blue light 911 stations. 

There are presently cell towers in the steeples of the Catholic Church and TriCon Church/preschool nursery, Middlesex School, Annursnac Hill, Route 2 Mobil flagpole and at Emerson Hospital. Verizon is vying for infrastructure rights. Could they instead rent space on preexisting towers?

A claim was made at a recent school committee meeting that cell towers have an effective range of one mile. Yet, waves of the electromagnetic spectrum travel from the sun to earth. Concord lacks mountains/obstructions to block reception.

Massachusetts House Bill H.2158 aims to recognize electromagnetic radiation sensitivity, as a disease and public health concern. Consideration should be made for people with hearing aids who are especially prone to EMR sensitivity. 5G networks use wave frequencies which are magnitudes different than 4G.

Excessive exposure to shortwave radiation (X-rays, UV) is harmful. Just as microwave ovens work by exciting the water molecules in food, longwave electromagnetic radiation disturbs the water in the human body and the natural harmonic vibrational frequencies of our DNA. 

Proponents of the telecom industry will say that electromagnetic radiation is safe. However, there are countless examples of a rise in cancers and other medical conditions in those who live in and around cell towers.

I call on citizens to do their own research with the goal of health, rather than convenience, in mind. May public officials have the courage to block new cell tower installations.

Heidi Kaiter

Elm Brook Lane