Letter: Community turns out to donate school supplies 

September 6, 2023

This summer marked the ninth year that Concord’s Community Services Department held a successful Back-to-School Backpack Drive to support low-income families with children living in town. Forty children from Concord families and 35 from families living at the Best Western shelter in town were given new backpacks filled with school supplies for their first day of school. Donations came from many Concord residents, and a sincere thank you to every individual who contributed!  

Special thanks to Cato Anderson and Tim Gibson, owners of McWalter Volunteer Insurance Agency, who very generously provided the majority of the backpacks that were distributed, as well as a significant number of school supplies. Concord students are ready for the new school year! 

Bonny Wilbur 

Community Services Coordinator 

Town of Concord