Letter: Objectivity lacking on Warner’s Pond dam 

November 18, 2023

I recently attended a sales call disguised as an informational meeting about removing Warner’s Pond Dam. The taxpayer-funded consultants seemed immune to the input of citizen attendees and instead gave an extensive presentation focused entirely on why the dam should be removed.  

They never clarified why any action is necessary — the dam is relatively new and in good shape. Also missing was any discussion of the benefits of keeping the dam in place. Objectivity was completely lacking. Every speaker in the inappropriately short comment section gave reasons why the dam should stay.  

Why is the town committed to ignoring the will of its citizens to further someone’s political agenda? If we really need to “free the rivers,” why is no one pitching the removal of the other dams like the Estabrook Dam or the Dakin Brook Dam? If we want to return Nashoba Brook to its former state, why do we still reroute it at the site of the Milldam? Oh, I remember now, these dams are in Concord Center. 

Henry Mauer                                                                                                                                  Laws Brook Road