Letter: Don’t put a cell tower on the high school campus 

November 24, 2023

Regarding your 11/17 article, “Survey says: Strong support for Concord-Carlisle High School cell tower”: 

I abut CCHS property. I do not support living next to a cell tower, let alone would I want my kids in a school co-located with a cell tower. As I understand, this survey was made up of CCHS respondents: possibly students, parents, or teachers.  

It seems very naive for this “community” to think that exposure to RF energy emissions, otherwise known as radiation, is not harmful. Contrary, it’s known that radiation of all kinds mutates cells, thus causes cancer. Similarly, exposure to power line radiation causes cancer. Essentially locating the tower next the school would be like exposing the CCHS students to power lines. It’s well known that radiation exposure of any kind is harmful.  

While I agree the cell phone reception is horrible in Concord, I think the worst place to put a tower is next to a school. 

Joseph Rabbitt 

Thoreau Street