Letter: Carmin C. Reiss announces candidacy for re-election as moderator  

January 4, 2024

I will be seeking re-election to another one-year term as moderator in 2024 and I ask for your support.  

It has been my honor to serve as Concord’s moderator since 2016. I deeply value our long history of thoughtful and respectful deliberation at Town Meeting, whether or not we all agree. I am grateful for the opportunity to do my part as moderator to preserve and nurture that history and, going forward, to take part mindfully in the adaptation of Town Meeting procedures to changing times. 

If re-elected, my commitments will be to conduct our Town Meeting to balance our interest in full and fair deliberation on the issues with our interest in respectful and efficient use of citizen and staff time, to ensure that all Concord citizens feel respected and welcome at Town Meeting, to serve as a resource for Concord’s boards and committees, staff, citizen petitioners, and citizens at large, and to promote education about and participation in Concord’s Town Meeting. 

At our 2024 Annual Town Meeting beginning on Monday, April 29, the Meeting will be asked to create a Town Meeting Study Committee to undertake with broad public input a comprehensive review of Town Meeting procedures, assess how well they serve Concord today, and bring a report and recommendations for improvements to 2025 Annual Town Meeting. If Town Meeting votes to form this study committee, I will support its work and welcome the observations, ideas, and constructive criticisms of Concord voters.  

Finally, in appointing members of our Finance Committee, I will continue to seek a balance of backgrounds, viewpoints, and locations within town that will allow FinCom to reflect Concord as a whole, while vesting it with the experience and skill sets it needs to advise Town Meeting on both immediate and longer-term financial issues.  

I ask for your continued support at the Annual Town Election on Tuesday, April 9. 

Carmin C. Reiss