Letter: ‘Concord Stories’ podcast now available 

January 4, 2024

For those wondering what the tercentenary markers got wrong, Aya Belyazid and I have launched a new blog of Concord stories on Spotify as part of preparing Concord for our Concord250 celebration. The first five episodes of Season One of “Concord Stories” are available for listening with more to be released early in 2024.  

Episode One, “History, Myths, and Authentic stories,” explains who Jethro (Tantamous) was. 

Episode Two: “Manitou, the Great Spirit, and Turtle Island,” describes the Nipmuc people precontact. 

Episode Three, “God’s Promised Land,” presents the theological expectations of the English colonists. 

Episode Four, “English Settlers,” presents biographies of the founders of colonial Concord. 

Episode Five, “Indigenous People,” describes the initial cultural contacts between these two groups. 

As Concord prepares for our Concord250 celebration, it’s time to tell our stories in a new way. 

Jim Sherblom 

Park Lane