Letter: Forum on proposed Hanscom expansion was informative 

January 4, 2024

The Annursnac Hill Association Climate Committee would like to thank the League of Women Voters for sponsoring the forum regarding the Hanscom expansion held at the Concord Library on December 6.  

We’d also like to thank the Concord Board of Selectmen, Save Our Heritage, the Democratic Town Committee, the Town of Concord Climate Action Committee, the Thoreau Society, Concord CAN, Restore the North Woods, and The Walden Woods Project for co-sponsoring the event.  

We’d like to thank the speakers — Senator Mike Barrett (Third Middlesex District), Michael McDonald (Town Climate Action Committee), Chuck Collins (Director, Institute of Policy Studies), Neil Rasmussen (President, Save Our Heritage), and Alex Chatfield (St. Anne’s Climate Justice Committee). There were 100 attendees in person and 90 attendees via Zoom for a total of 190 participants.  

Aside from the climate impact of the proposed expansion, information and data was presented that the proposed expansion will not benefit the Town of Concord in any way. It will do nothing to lower our taxes, it will not put any money into our coffers, and it will do nothing to improve our quality of life.  

We look forward to the MEPA report due out in January, which should address all of the concerns and questions put forth by citizens and elected officials from Concord, Bedford, Lincoln and Lexington. 

Bonnie Polakoff 

Whit’s End Road