Letter: Lemonade from parking meter lemons? 

January 4, 2024

Our parking meters are going away, but I’d like to suggest a positive use for some of them: let local charitable organizations “adopt” them to collect donations for their causes. 

It might work like this: The Concord Museum has one or two bright blue meters around town dedicated to it, with a small sign that says, “Put your spare change to good use…” The library has red meters that benefit them. The Scholarship Fund of Concord & Carlisle has green meters (disclaimer, I’m a Trustee of The SFCC).  Etc. 

The city of Denver maintained a few meters in this manner for a homeless fund after it decided to remove its parking meters, and I believe it was quite successful (there may be other, even better ideas from other communities we could learn from. Let’s take a look). 

Let’s make some lemonade from our parking meter lemons. 

Joe Laurin 

Southfield Road