Letter: Don’t let contractors block driveways with plowed snow 

January 11, 2024

Concord does a good job of clearing streets but creates serious problems for homeowners by repeatedly pushing snow into driveway aprons, creating berms requiring multiple efforts to clear them.  

Private contractors greatly aggravate this problem. After clearing two town-caused berms at the end of our driveway, a contractor, paid with our tax dollars, came at about 10 a.m. Monday morning. By scraping snow from along the edge of the road, the plow blade dumped that snow in the next open space — our driveway. Based on comments on Nextdoor, we are only one of many victims. 

Instead of hiring private contractors to create additional problems, why doesn’t the town pay them to clear the berms from residents’ driveways during town snow removal operations?  

Many towns in other places pay for this service during storms. We pay very high taxes in Concord. We should be getting help, not more problems. 

I, like many others, am elderly and cannot clear these berms. Berms at the end of driveways prevent us from getting to medical care, or prevent medical care from getting to us in emergencies.  

Thomas Neff 

Aurora Lane