Letter: Consider joining The Concord Association of Retired Men  

January 26, 2024

The Concord Association of Retired Men has been active and growing over the past several months.  

We have had two excellent speakers at our last two meetings. In November, the Concord fire chief, Thomas Judge, spoke to the group. Our January speaker was Tom Mulcahy, the Concord police chief. Our club learned a great deal about how the fire and police departments work to keep our residents safe. We were surprised as to how much we did not know about the numerous activities of these departments. Credit goes to Dick Loynd for his efforts in securing these speakers. 

Our club is growing in that we have added eight new members to our group over the last several months. The two recent additions to our club are Alec Wyeth and Sean McLaughlin. New members energize our group as they bring us new perspectives. Our goal is to continue to expand with new members.  

With that said, if any retired man wants to join a fun club that meets once a month for a couple of hours, please call me at (508) 733-1575. 

Bob Marquis  

President, Concord Association of Retired Men