Letter: Liz Cobbs, candidate for Public School Committee 

January 27, 2024

What a wonderful time to be living in the town of Concord, Massachusetts! As we near the 250th anniversary of the birth of America’s fight for freedom, there are few places more central to that history, or as steeped in the values that drove the thoughts and actions of the patriotic heroes and their families at that time.  

My family and I moved to Concord during the pandemic. We felt that can-do spirit in our schools, where our children benefited from the tremendous efforts of the teachers, administrators, and community at large to keep the schools in operation and offer the social and emotional support that students needed to engage in learning during those difficult years. My children have benefited from the efforts of so many in Concord, motivating me to do more, by running for a position on the Concord Public School Committee this year.  

Over the past two years, I have been a member and Co-Chair of the Personnel Board for the Town of Concord. I have also been a volunteer at Alcott Elementary School (METCO Friends & Family program), and CCHS; and a member of the Rotary Club of Concord. With each experience, I’ve learned so much about how citizens can help to foster a transparent and collaborative approach to town and school governance.  

Having grown up in Massachusetts, I later earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago, with a focus on public policy and Japan. Recruited by Merck & Co., Inc., I joined their Public Affairs department, building and running their first policy team in Tokyo. I also worked for Merck in Europe and D.C. Across many countries, I’ve seen how essential it is to have a strong academic background and the increasing need for multicultural understanding. I am eager to apply my skills from the private sector to the School Committee, building on our current academic excellence. I look forward to meeting more Concord residents to hear your perspectives on how we can continue to prepare our children for their own future successes in the world beyond Concord. 

Liz Cobbs 

Pond View Lane