Video: Just how evil was the 1774 Tea Act? 

January 28, 2024

When colonial Americans became disheartened with their English overlords, they gathered in an already time-honored way — Town Meeting. 

In 1774, Concordians got together to respond to a letter from Boston warning of the evils of the new Tea Act, adding a fee to the cost of one of New England’s favored warm beverages. 

Want to learn more? Watch part of the January 10 program “Enemies to Their Country?”  that was presented by Minute Man National Historical Park Rangers Jim Hollister and Jarrad Fuoss at the Concord Free Public Library. 

Available on the Minuteman Media National YouTube Channel, the audience participation sections of the program, in which people shared personal experiences, were not included at the request of the national park. 

The event was part of the Concord 250 programming leading up to April 19, 2025, the 250th anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War. 

  – Anne O’Connor