Letter: MCI-Concord closure could be a chance for real rotary reform 

February 9, 2024

During the recent reach out by the town for input in transportation ideas and priorities, I was lucky enough to see some existing plans for a realignment of the Concord Rotary; this realignment replaced the rotary with roadways that provided for more efficient traffic flow.  

Obviously, these existing plans work around the footprint of Concord MCI. Such workarounds are no longer necessary. 

I advocate that the existing plans for the rotary’s realignment be revisited to see if they can be improved given that the prison’s footprint is no longer inviolate; such new plans would need to minimize their use of this newly available land.  

Also, it’s possible that the construction phase of the realignment might be more efficient if the land for the prison were available for staging and/or storage purposes. If so, that might mean temporarily deferring development of the prison site to first realign the rotary in order to facilitate a more speedy construction phase. 

Bob Schulman 

Main Street