Letter: Supporting Andrew Herchek for School Committee 

February 19, 2024

I am writing in support of Andrew Herchek for School Committee. As I noted at the Town Caucus, I have known Andrew for about 30 years, since middle school. (His, not mine.)   

When you know someone for that length of time you get a good sense of their values. Andrew is solid. He and his wife were educated in the Concord Public Schools and CCHS. He is an honorable man, intelligent, a good listener, an entrepreneur, well-educated with a degree from Dartmouth and an MBA from Harvard. He is a quick study and picks up and internalizes information effectively. He has the characteristics we want in a School Committee member who will help develop policy that shapes the educational plan and evaluate the components of a complex budget. In addition, he represents the demographic that is on deck to take on responsibility for the many boards and committees that are part of Concord town governance. 

When I spoke with Andrew about his desire to serve on the School Committee, he articulated his passion for the excellent education that he received and the desire to continue that for his two children and all of the students in CPS and CCHS. He describes himself as a “data guy.” His approach to problem solving is to dig down, find and analyze data on a given issue and make recommendations based on his findings. His skills will be well utilized as the School Committee examines the increasing cost of the schools — operating and capital — and the growing portion of total town resources that it requires in an environment of changing enrollment, aging population and already high property taxes.  

I am confident that Andrew can play an important role in addressing these challenges. 

Susan Bates 

Concord Greene