Article for bathrooms at the Concord-Carlisle High fields may be flushed  

February 22, 2024

It’s a “necessities building,” said a smiling Tracey Marano, chair of the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Committee, speaking about the bathroom facility proposed alongside the football field.  

But to the Finance Committee, it’s a “troubling” budget buster.  

The facility is the subject of a $2.3 million capital budget article for the upcoming Town Meetings in both Concord and Carlisle.  

If the debt exclusion passes at both Town Meetings and at the ballot boxes, the building will replace the three porta-potties now in use.  

Marano said the one accessible portable stall is not ADA-compliant, and the group of toilets does not meet the state plumbing code.  

“We don’t have a choice,” said Marano, noting that the new building would house 22 bathrooms. “We are outliers among Dual County League schools.”  

Marano said the risk of inaction means escalating costs and plumbing violations.  

“No one has sued yet, but the risk is real,” Marano said.  

Fincom member Dee Ortner suggested reducing the number of seats at the stadium to reduce the number of bathrooms and thus reduce the budget.  

Other Fincom suggestions included the installation of a prefab facility or a refurbished shipping container.  

“There are a range of options to explore as a first step rather than coming to the polls with $2.3 million,” said Fincom member Chris Reynolds.  

“It’s not a fully baked plan,” she said.  

Fincom’s Karlen Reed said a “study is the best way to show alternatives.”  

“It shows we did our homework,” said Reed.  

Fincom Chair Parashar Patel said the proposed article was “troubling.”  

“A study would help,” he said. “No one is denying the issue, but there are no alternatives here.”   

Marano said she would take the comments back to the committee.