Choose community service-oriented Joe Laurin for Select Board 

March 3, 2024

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Joe Laurin’s candidacy for the Concord Select Board. As a former colleague of Joe’s at a Boston-based investment firm and a friend for over 14 years, I can attest that he has the skills and experience necessary to help our fabulous community remain special, while keeping an eye on how to responsibly plan for changes over the horizon and preserve the community we all share and love. 

Joe trained as an engineer (Union College) has an MBA (University of Chicago) and has extensive experience in management consulting, finance and health insurance. Joe can analyze the data and engage constituents in a dialogue to craft a solution that can be executed within an agreed upon budget. Those qualities make Joe an ideal candidate for the town Select Board. 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Joe’s dedication to community service is exemplary. I serve with Joe on the Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle and have witnessed his collaborative work to advance the educational opportunities of our young students. Joe has consistently demonstrated his commitment to making Concord a better place for all residents. 

Joe has the analytical prowess and the inclusiveness to surface issues and craft solutions through a transparent decision-making process. I urge my fellow Concord residents to join me in supporting Joe Laurin for the Select Board. 

John Sweeney 

Authors Road