Joe Laurin’s knowledge, integrity recommend him for Select Board role

March 3, 2024

I am writing to express my strong support for Joe Laurin’s candidacy for the Concord Select Board. Having known Joe for 14 years, I can confidently attest to his personal qualities and his suitability for this pivotal role in our community. 

He has a deep knowledge of issues that impact our town and the energy to solve them. He strives for transparency in decision-making with the goal of fostering a diverse and vibrant place for all residents. 

Although we do not always agree on everything, Joe is always willing to listen and understand alternative viewpoints and seek a fair, workable common ground. This ability honed from his career and local volunteer efforts is precisely what our town needs in its leadership. 

With his passion, integrity, and dedication, Joe is the ideal candidate to lead our town into a prosperous and inclusive future. 

John Howard 

Plainfield Road