Vote Andrew Herchek for School Committee 

March 3, 2024

I am writing to urge you to vote to elect Andrew Herchek to the School Committee. I have known Andrew since we were classmates together at CCHS where he was an impressive student and athlete. Andrew then went on to receive engineering and business degrees from Colby, Dartmouth, and Harvard. He then returned to Concord with his wife, Whitney, to start a family and begin his professional life.  

With two children starting their educational journey at Willard, Andrew is personally invested in the future of education. And not just for his kids —  I know Andrew to be the kind of School Committee member who will make decisions that will combine community expectations and goals with what the students from Concord need to succeed.  

Additionally, as a business leader, Andrew brings valuable skills and experience in leading teams and managing budgets of similar scale and complexity to that of our school budget. 

Most importantly, when you meet Andrew, you will quickly understand how deeply he cares for the community, his genuine passion and quiet commitment.  

Andrew is ready, willing and able to put in the time and energy to build on and improve student experiences and contribute to an effective and successful school committee for the betterment of Concord. Please join me in voting for Andrew Herchek on April 9.  

Quentin Hart 

Central Street