Choosing better wording on proposed CCHS restroom building

March 4, 2024

When I read the Bridge headline for a citizen’s letter to the paper, “The greed of the School Committee,” I was startled. (The citizen did not use the word “greed” in his letter.) The word “greed” connotes self-profit and even a moral shortfall. The School Committee spends hundreds of VOLUNTEER hours evaluating and advocating for the needs of the education of our children.  The compensation they receive is the best education for our young people.   

Furthermore, an article regarding the bathrooms at the athletic fields was headlined, “Town Meeting Article for High School Restroom Building Tanks with FinCom.” “Tank” is a defeating expression often used when something is done and over. While the FinCom had concerns about the proposed budget item and suggested, finally, they would like to see alternatives, the FinCom cannot “tank” anything, as it is an advisory board.  

According to the article, members of the FinCom committee responded with suggestions to reduce the stadium seating so fewer toilets are necessary and to use a shipping container. Ms. Marano’s presentation of the facts and needs for the project, her comparison to what other towns have done, and her emphasis on the fact that town facilities are not up to code or suitable for our citizens with disabilities appeared cogent in comparison. 

And why is Ms. Marano described as “smiling?” Why must we use descriptors that evoke affect when women talk about money? 

As a reader, I would expect a more balanced representation and a more careful choice of diction by my town paper. 

Liz Crowell 

Hubbard Street