Concord names buildings for many people — why not Ellen Garrison?

March 4, 2024

A quote in the “Name Game Verdict: Concord Middle School” really stood out to me. A School Committee chair, who should be commended for their volunteerism and service, said: “elevating a single individual over any other just doesn’t seem right.” This comment, possibly taken out of context, did make me think of The Ripley Administrative Building, Alcott Elementary, Willard Elementary, Thoreau Elementary, Sanborn Middle School, Peabody Middle School, Peter Buckley Terrace, The Harvey Wheeler Community Center, The Emerson Umbrella, Emerson Hospital, The Hunt Gymnasium, The Beede Swim Center and the Loring Fowler Memorial Library. I agree with Rebecca Lemaitre’s opinion noted in the February 16 paper that not naming the new middle school after Concord native, activist and educator Ellen Garrison is a “shameful missed opportunity.” 

Amanda Hillery 

Thoreau Street