Joe Laurin’s ‘proven track record’ a fit for Select Board 

March 4, 2024

I am writing to express my strong support for Joe Laurin’s candidacy for the Concord Select Board. My endorsement stems from my personal interactions with Joe and my admiration for his commitment to education, family, and community. 

I had the pleasure of working with Joe’s sons during their college application process, which allowed me to get to know the Laurin family. Through our interactions, I witnessed Joe’s intelligence, thoughtfulness, and dedication to ensuring the best for his family. His willingness to develop materials to help his sons navigate complex topics, like choosing a college and a major, speaks volumes about his ability to analyze and structure information in a clear and effective manner without letting ego get in the way. 

Joe and his wife, Maureen, have been integral members of the Concord community, raising their sons and actively contributing to the town’s success. Their commitment to education, for example, is evident in their sons’ academic achievements, which are a testament to the quality of education provided by Concord public schools. Joe participates in many town events to lead or just lend a hand when needed and to encourage youth and families to strive for personal excellence. 

As Concord faces key challenges such as maintaining top-quality schools, promoting diversity and affordability, and managing budgetary constraints, Joe’s leadership and analytical skills will be invaluable. I believe Joe’s dedication to education, family, and community make him the ideal candidate to represent the interests of Concord residents on the Select Board. 

I urge my fellow Concord residents to join me in supporting Joe Laurin for the Select Board. With his proven track record and commitment to excellence, Joe will undoubtedly be an asset in shaping Concord’s future. 

Patricia (Pat) Geyer 

Estabrook Road