Liz Cobbs for School Committee: she listens

March 11, 2024

I support Liz Cobbs for School Committee because she is a progressive force who listens and considers the views of all Concord’s constituencies. For over 150 years, dating from the era of Bronson Alcott and Edward Emerson, Concord has been proud of its progressive School Committees who listened to the changing needs and desires of new constituencies as Concord evolved and changed. My wife Loretta previously served as chair of the Concord Carlisle School Committee so I am well aware of how difficult this role is to do well.  

I support our current School Committee, however, it has shown a certain reluctance to listen to many constituencies about matters that were important to them. Three recent examples were its handling of cost overruns in building our new middle school, resistance to seriously consider ways to honor Concord’s first African-American educator Ellen Garrison in the process, and proposing this year $2.3 million for new toilets at our CCHS playing fields (at a cost of $10,000 per toilet).  

Ultimately, democracy works in Concord, so I am confident that our town’s various constituencies will find good resolutions for all of these issues, but they could have been resolved earlier and more equitably if the school committee were more willing to listen to all its constituencies as part of an ongoing process. I support Liz Cobbs for School Committee because Liz listens! 

Jim Sherblom 

Park Lane