Rovelli would champion fiscal and environmental sustainability on Select Board

March 11, 2024

Wendy Rovelli has years of experience on Concord finance and energy committees, making her uniquely and ideally qualified to serve on the Select Board. She understands sustainability from a fiscal as well as an environmental viewpoint. 

During my years taking the minutes for the Finance Committee I observed Wendy Rovelli’s dogged determination both as a committee member and as Chair, to balance Concord’s needs against its fiscal capacity.  Later as a member and then as Chair of the Concord Municipal Board, she gained a deep understanding of Concord’s energy needs and how to meet them. Currently she serves as clerk of the Solar Implementation Task Force focusing on developing a plan to meet Concord’s goals for solar generation on Town land and buildings. 

Her experience in prioritizing Concord’s fiscal and energy needs and determining how they can be met sustainably is invaluable experience for a Select Board member.  As a recent retiree she has the time needed for the job and can serve with energy for years to come. 

Janet Rothrock 
Annursnac Hill Road