Select Board candidate Wendy Rovelli a ‘dedicated and proven leader’ 

March 11, 2024

I strongly endorse Wendy Rovelli as a candidate for the Concord Select Board. Born, schooled, and raised in Concord, Wendy has broadly volunteered throughout the community. I first met Wendy when we were members of the Finance Committee. She displayed leadership as member, vice chair and chair. She also has served on and/or chaired boards of the Concord Children’s Center, The Light Plant, The Financial Audit Advisory Committee, and the Solar Implementation Task Force. 

Wendy’s academic background in math, business and economics and career in managed care demonstrate her ability to master difficult material and complex issues. During our time on the Finance Committee, Wendy was always prepared to participate in and lead meetings. Her decision making incorporates her long-time knowledge and understanding of the Town’s priorities and her detailed, thoughtful consideration of facts. 

Wendy’s personal character makes her an ideal candidate for the Select Board. Wendy listens, questions, probes and hears; Wendy is fearless, she says what she thinks; Wendy collaborates, works to build consensus, is transparent and a team player; Wendy has integrity, is honest and trustworthy. 

I’m delighted to support Wendy Rovelli’s candidacy for the Select Board. She is a dedicated and proven leader and will represent and serve the Town of Concord admirably. 

Linda Miller 

Main Street