Select Board hopeful Wendy Rovelli’s ‘transparent track record’ matters

March 11, 2024

Experience matters and Wendy Rovelli has it. The Select Board is not an entry level board. It requires knowledge of how the town works, and how different boards and staff interact. I believe one should have previous experience and a track record that is transparent to town voters, including votes on matters before the town on previous committees. Her experience on the Finance Committee and the CMLP, where I worked with her, provide such a transparent track record.  

For these reasons I strongly believe that Wendy Rovelli is the best candidate for the Select Board. She does the homework, is thoughtful, looks for opinions and information from all sides. She is respectful of others’ views. She does not come to the election with a preconceived notion; she will listen to all sides and make informed decisions on our complicated matters.  

Please vote for Wendy on April 9. 

Peggy Briggs 

Elm Street