Inspired by Tracey Marano’s energy and enthusiasm for our public schools

March 16, 2024

I write to express my wholehearted support for the reelection of Tracey Marano to the School Committee.  

It was good research that brought my family to Concord, but it was sheer good luck that I made Tracey’s acquaintance. As a fellow parent of four, Tracey reached out to me with information, advice and kindness, helping me navigate the details of living and raising children in this wonderful community. Tracey’s energy and enthusiasm for making our public schools a place where all students and families can learn, grow and succeed inspired my own volunteer efforts, and she has devoted hundreds of hours of service on all levels, preschool through high school and beyond.  

My experience with Tracey is by no means a unique one: she has brought the same level of care, insight and cooperation to uplift the lives of so many students and families of Concord for decades. Tracey’s professional training and in-school experience as an educator, administrator and parent have laid the groundwork for her vibrant, productive first term as School Committee member and chair, and we are fortunate that she is ready and willing to continue on.  

I hope that you will join me in re-electing Tracey Marano to the School Committee on Tuesday, April 9.  

Helen Clancy 

Monsen Road