Liz Cobbs has the ‘skills and passion’ School Committee needs

March 16, 2024

I am delighted to share my strong support for Elizabeth (Liz) Cobbs for School Committee. 

I met Liz during her first forays into local volunteering. I was impressed with her willingness to work on practical issues, and her focus on tasks that needed to be done. Many Concordians have no idea there is a town Personnel Board, let alone what it does, but Liz volunteered to serve on that committee, understanding that sound underlying structures and processes are required for local government to do the work that residents expect. She wanted to contribute to improving Concord. 

Liz understands the challenge of communicating important information across differences of perspective and experience. She gathers information from many sources, listens to a variety of opinions, and perseveres until she has the data needed. She then synthesizes the results of her research into clear and comprehensive language to address the problem at hand. This makes her effective on collaborative projects and in building consensus. 

When I moved to Concord with my partner many years ago, we did not have children. But we wanted to live in a community that valued education. We cheerfully paid taxes for our schools for 20 years before we had a child in the system because excellent schools are vital to a healthy town. 

Liz Cobbs has the skills and the passion needed to keep our schools moving forward. I hope you will join me and vote for Liz Cobbs for School Committee. 

Julie Rohwein 

Main Street