Liz Cobbs would bring ‘fresh, inspired energy’ to School Committee

March 16, 2024

I don’t think I have ever been as excited about a Concord School Committee candidate as I am about Liz Cobbs. I have had the good fortune of getting to know Liz well over the last few months and aside from having a deep fondness for her as a community member, I am impressed by the wealth of experience and worldliness — as well as fresh, inspired energy — she brings into our town. 

Liz is whip-smart, an inclusive bright leader, a deep and careful listener, and thoughtful about which issues matter most and what it takes to bring them into the light. She is a true team player with an eye toward kindness and inspiration.  

STUDENT EXCELLENCE: She shared with me recently how teachers and administrators here in Concord have pushed hard and put their hearts into helping students return to pre-COVID levels of engagement — no small feat. To wit: MCAS scores in reading, math and science have returned to their pre-COVID levels. Liz sees our schools returning to the Top 10 Massachusetts levels they have enjoyed in the past, and with her help, I see us getting there too. 

INCLUSION: Perhaps most important of all, Liz’s attitude is, “We all feel best when we feel we belong and we can assume we are an integral part of our community.” Liz has taught me that it’s not enough for marginalized students to feel it’s “okay” that they go to school in Concord. The goal is to create an environment where each student feels integral. I can think of no finer goal, for our school and for our town. Everyone matters, and Liz knows it and operates from this perspective.  

I will surely be voting for Liz Cobbs for School Committee on April 9.  

Anna Huckabee Tull  

Farmer’s Cliff Road