‘Resourceful’ Wendy Rovelli is our best choice for Select Board

March 16, 2024

Since moving back to Concord 19 years ago, I have seen Wendy Rovelli’s leadership and commitment to the town at multiple occasions.  

She was on the Concord Children’s Center board when my children attended. Wendy is resourceful and recruited me to help with a building site assessment and design recommendations to support a long-term strategy the board was pursuing. She joined and eventually led the Finance Committee and had pivotal roles in the financial stewardship process. She was a member of the Light Plant board and is currently on the Solar Task Force Committee, to which I am also a member.  

She has no hesitation in addressing issues large and small to advance the town’s goals, whether chairing a committee board or working as a regular volunteer at the Drop and Swap. Prior to retiring, she led various departments within a large local health care organization, so has in-depth management and technical skills to apply to the task of the Select Board.  

Probably the one key aspect of her qualifications is her wholistic and empathetic approach to addressing the needs of the people around her. She is open-minded and pragmatic with a long-term perspective to solutions. She, like myself, is a Concord native, a CCHS graduate, a parent who raised and schooled her children here and enjoys spending her time attending and supporting many of Concord’s cultural and recreational activities.  

I am looking for a candidate who demonstrates deep and personal commitment. I think she is our best choice.  

Stephen Newbold 
Hillcrest Road