Tracey Marano motivated by ‘genuine concern for our children’s futures’

March 16, 2024

I write to express my support for Tracey Marano’s reelection to the Concord School Committee. Tracey has been an integral part of our community for over 20 years, during which she has experienced our public school system as both a parent and an educator. Her journey with her four children through our schools has provided her with invaluable insights into the needs and challenges within our educational system. 

Her background as a special education teacher brings a depth of understanding to the School Committee that is both rare and essential. Tracey’s ability to view issues through the lens of an educator and a parent has significantly shaped her contributions and leadership on the committee. 

In her time serving, including two years as chair of the regional School Committee, Tracey has exemplified leadership marked by openness and a commitment to dialogue. Her willingness to engage in difficult conversations, balanced with an openness to diverse perspectives, sets her apart as a leader who is not only capable but also deeply committed to our community. 

Tracey is motivated by a genuine concern for our children’s futures and a commitment to making Concord a place where all residents, regardless of whether they have school-aged children, can thrive. Her intelligence, dedication to our town, and willingness to make tough decisions are characteristics that make her an outstanding member of the School Committee. 

Her leadership, experience, and passion are exactly what our schools need to continue to excel.  

Carrie Rankin 

Upland Road