Enthusiastic support for Cameron McKennitt’s Select Board bid

March 22, 2024

I am writing on behalf of myself and my husband Bob to enthusiastically endorse Cameron McKennitt for the Concord Select Board.  

Bob and I have enjoyed being friends and neighbors with Cameron for over 20 years. Our children have grown up together in Concord, and Cameron and Bob coached numerous teams for many Concord youth over the years. As a teacher in the Concord Public Schools, former Willard and Concord Middle School PTG president, board member on the Concord Education Fund, and Softball Commissioner for Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball (CCYB), I have had Cameron’s support in all things Concord. I have seen firsthand the love and care he carries for this town. He stepped up to help in anything that was asked of him — from the Willard Carnival, CCYB softball, hosting parent events, to helping construct a backyard skating rink.  

Cameron has a deep sense of town pride and goes to extraordinary lengths to support the community. Cameron and Bob coached many softball teams over many years. Cameron’s willingness to share his time and knowledge was exceptional. As with everything he tackles, Cameron approached his coach role with kindness, patience, and a lens of rational thought. His wide experience in public and private business will have him look at an issue or problem from every angle to find the most effective solution for all involved. As a lifelong resident of Concord, he brings an understanding of the residents and policies, which is invaluable when supporting the families of Concord. 

The town of Concord has been wonderful to Bob and me for the last 25 years. It will continue to be a wonderful place to raise children and demonstrate the invaluable benefit of having people like Cameron McKennitt on the Select Board.  

Aimee and Bob Cupp 

Powder Mill Road