Liz Cobbs would bring warm heart, brilliant mind to School Committee

March 22, 2024

I am writing to enthusiastically urge the election of Liz Cobbs to the School Committee. There are enormously complicated issues facing this generation of children. Liz has the strength and ability to handle the responsibilities that a School Committee member will need. She is a skilled collaborator and listens with respect and curiosity to multiple perspectives when making a decision.  

Her commitment to supporting the METCO program and making sure that all members of the school community feel included is crucial at a time when there is so much divisiveness. Her volunteer work in the Concord schools has included working with children at Alcott and helping CCHS students with their college applications. To all of these young people she brings a warm heart, an encouraging smile, and a brilliant mind. She is co-chair of the town Personnel Board, and chaired the Rotary Club’s Youth Leadership program. Liz’s career as a top international executive attests to her ability to see and to solve problems and to build effective and congenial teams.   

Please vote for Liz Cobbs. 

Mary Clarke 

Bartlett Hill Road