Vote for Henry Dane: experience counts

March 22, 2024

I am writing in support of Henry Dane’s candidacy for re-election to the Concord Select Board. I have known Henry for over 40 years, on both a professional and personal basis. Henry has been active for decades in many facets of town government. For the past three years he has served on the Select Board (Chair 2023-24), and he serves as the Select Board representative to the Concord 2025 Executive Committee. He has volunteered countless hours and served in leadership positions with many Concord non-profit and town government organizations.  

Navigating the complexities of municipal government is not for the faint of heart. Living in Concord and loving the community is wonderful, but that’s not enough to be successful as a member of the Select Board. It takes knowledge, skill, and experience to understand how municipal government does and should work, and a level of tact and diplomacy to identify and implement areas for improvement. Being able to work collaboratively and effectively with professional staff, other elected boards and committees, and the citizens of Concord is not easy, but Henry has proven that he knows how to get things done and is willing to look outside the box to find solutions to complex problems.  

Henry is smart, with degrees from Haverford College (BA); University of Pennsylvania (PhD); and Harvard University (AM & JD). He is an innovative and deliberative thinker, and a hard worker who does his homework and carefully weighs all aspects of an issue before recommending or making a decision. He brings to the table a wealth of legal and institutional knowledge, expertise, and common sense.  

I strongly urge a YES vote for Henry Dane for Select Board at the Town Election on April 9.  

Anita Tekle 

Virginia Road