Brigitte Levit's "Recycle," a collage inspired by her concern about climate change. Courtesy image

Artist translates ‘mind to media’ in Bradford Mill studio

By Laurie O’Neill — Correspondent 

“Everything,” to Brigitte Livet, “is imagination.”   

It is the “primary source of my art,” said Livet, who works in a studio in the Bradford Mill in West Concord and whose exhibit titled Tout est Imagination will open there on March 28 in the ArtScape gallery.  

“I am incapable” of copying,” she said. “I have the desire to create and then the creation is pure intuition.”   

Livet is known for her ability to translate “mind to media,” she said. Her work is based on “impressions and memories of the many unique objects, architectures, and remarkable faces I have seen in my travels.”   

Levit’s “Ukraine,” a mixed collage.  

Those travels brought her from France, where Livet was born and where she attended the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts, to North Africa, where she studied art for a year, to California, and finally, to Massachusetts, where she lives in Harvard with her husband and their dog, Wally. The couple has three grown children.  

Brigitte Livet. Courtesy Photo

Born into a family of professional artists and musicians in France, Livet has been surrounded by fine art and classical music all her life.

Her cousin was Salvador Dali’s friend and publisher for 50 years, and her brother was Dali’s photographer. Livet’s musician and sculptor uncle created a series of bronze cast medallions for the United Nations.  

Livet works in watercolors, pen and ink, photography, clay, raku, and oil on canvas. Currently, she creates large multimedia collages and oil paintings.  

“Art is the core of my being,” said Livet, “and I love every minute of it.”  

Tout est Imagination runs until May 30 in the second-floor gallery at the Bradford Mill, 43 Bradford Street in West Concord, Monday to Friday, 3-7 p.m. and Saturday, 12-5 p.m. You can meet the artist on Thursday, April 11, from 5-7 p.m.

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