Laurin offers a ‘fresh perspective’

March 30, 2024

I’m writing to strongly endorse Joe Laurin for Select Board. I’ve gotten to know Joe over the last decade primarily through a business-owner peer group we both belong to which meets regularly throughout the year. While most of our discussions revolve around our businesses, we invariably discuss family, personal matters, and politics as well. I’m endorsing Joe because I’ve observed in Joe all of the attributes that are critical for success as a town Select Board member. 

I know Joe to have the highest level of integrity and transparency. While Joe is a passionate advocate for his beliefs, irrespective of the topic and whether or not the consensus opinion is consistent or contrary to his point of view, he is respectful, equanimous, open, and tolerant of different perspectives. I’ve found his opinions and beliefs to be well reasoned, logical, and full of common sense. 

Further, Joe is an analytical person with a problem-solver mentality. He views challenges as opportunities for improvement, which most likely reflects his years of professional consultancy and leadership. When I’ve seen him in leadership roles, he pursues excellence in all that he does but also injects a healthy dose of humor, humility and empathy. 

Finally, Joe has always been generous with his time and willing to lend a helping hand as evinced by his local volunteer work which includes The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle, Kicks for Cancer, Boy Scouts and Youth Sports. 

I believe Joe represents the fair, balanced and fresh perspective we need in Concord and that he will devote himself and his numerous talents to turn many of our town’s biggest challenges into opportunities to improve our community for all its residents. Please join me in voting for Joe for Select Board on April 9th. 

Peter Alternative 

Oak Road