Rovelli understands how Concord works 

March 30, 2024

I heartily endorse Wendy Rovelli’s candidacy for Concord Select Board. Wendy and I served together both on the Finance Committee and on the Municipal Light Board, six years on each. With a total of 12 years of committed service to the town of Concord, Wendy fully appreciates how Concord works, that is, how town staff and committee volunteers work together on a wide range of issues to ensure that our community runs smoothly. 

In addition, I have observed Wendy’s analytical and organizational capacities. She was instrumental in developing a five-year forecast of town budgets and revenue requirements for the FinCom, researching how other towns approach similar forecasting approaches. In so doing, she collaborated smoothly with committee members and the Finance Director, resulting in a longer view of financial needs, now incorporated in the FinCom’s annual report. Wendy’s Finance Committee experience ensures that even as a newcomer to the Select Board she brings a strong working grasp of Concord’s spending and tax-raising profiles. 

Wendy proved to be a quick study on electricity and sustainability topics as well. Serving on the Light Board presents an equally challenging portfolio, overseeing power purchasing, power demand trends, power costs, electric rates charged to users, and development of strategies to incentivize households and businesses to invest in sustainable energy use and metering. 

As Wendy prepares for this year’s town election, she is canvassing citizens and staff, listening, learning, and deepening her understanding of issues faced across town and school departments.  

When I go to the polls on April 9, I will prioritize electing a new Select Board member who has spent years developing a deep and nuanced understanding of how Concord works. I will vote for Wendy Rovelli… and hope you will, too. 

Lynn Salinger 

Pleasant Street