Tracey Marano and Andrew Herchek for School Committee cooperation, civility 

March 30, 2024

Our School Committee serves a vital role, establishing and approving budgets and educational policies and goals. It is also the representative body our superintendent reports to. It is a huge job. 

I started attending SC meetings in 2022 after a formal Hostile Work Environment Complaint filed by Superintendent Hunter was made public, detailing “direct and indirect bullying and intimidation” by certain SC members. Thankfully, the Concord and Concord-Carlisle Teachers Associations and parents rallied in her support and, under new SC leadership, things improved. 

Recently, however, some of that familiar tense energy has returned. While SC members and/or our superintendent might not always agree on all issues, and pushback and counterpoints are certainly fine, interacting in a constructive and respectful manner is a foundational part of the job. And this context informs how I will vote on April 9.  

Chair Tracey Marano is one of the hardest working people I know and a steady hand on the tiller. Her willingness to run again is a gift to our town.  

Andrew Herchek told me he was moved to run after attending a single SC meeting (last year) and seeing and feeling disruptive behavior and the needless tension it caused for himself. Since then, I have gotten to know Andrew as a COO with a Harvard MBA, who will, first and foremost, apply fiscal discipline and his business chops to the role. He’s a multi-generational Concordian with deep town roots that genuinely cares and like me, is a dad to two little kids in the school system. 

Please join me in voting for Andrew and Tracey April 9. Let’s let cooperation and civility be the lessons all our kids learn when they are old enough to watch School Committee meetings.  

Wilson Kerr  

Damon Street