Cobbs will bring new School Committee ideas 

April 5, 2024

Our local election on April 9 to determine the make-up of the School Committee is very important. Two candidates will become members for three years and will have a crucial impact on many important votes to determine the committee’s direction. The experience of having watched the Concord School Committee for many years both in person and electronically, and having been a member from 2016-2019 is the basis of my opinion. 

What characteristics, conduct and actions are key to being an effective member? 

Preparation for each meeting is crucial, and that includes knowing as much as you can concerning the issues, doing your own research and being guided by facts. Each member must be able to be an effective communicator in a congenial and co-operative fashion. Independent thinking should then result in the proper vote. 

Liz Cobbs will do all of the above. She will ask all necessary questions and listen carefully to the answers and act accordingly. She has done exactly that as a member of the Personnel Board. She has spent many hours as a METCO volunteer, as a member of the Rotary Club and as an Alcott school volunteer. Liz exemplifies responsible leadership, is a lifelong learner and is an excellent communicator, all having contributed to her long and very successful career with a major U.S.-based corporation, working in Asia, Europe and the U.S.A. 

Liz will emphasize and focus on academic excellence and mental health relative to every student, ensure continued financial support from our voters, by working cooperatively with other town committees, and deliver strong school-oriented support for the environment and sustainability.  

Liz Cobbs will bring new ideas, contribute strongly to positive results, and provide much needed balance to the Concord School Committee. My choice is clear. Please vote for Liz. 

Bob Grom 

School Committee member, 2016-2019