Marano has inspiring vision for education 

April 5, 2024

We are writing to express our strong support for Tracey Marano as a candidate for the School Committee in Concord. As concerned citizens and advocates for quality education, we believe that Tracey’s experience, dedication, and vision make her the ideal candidate to contribute positively to our community’s educational system. 

Tracey has a proven track record of commitment to education. As a dedicated parent and an active member of the community, she has consistently demonstrated her passion for improving the quality of education in Concord. Her involvement as a leader on the School Committee is a testament to her dedication to our children’s future. 

Moreover, Tracey possesses a unique combination of skills and qualities that will enable her to excel as a member of the School Committee. She has shown exceptional leadership abilities, strong communication skills, and a collaborative spirit that will be invaluable in working with other committee members, school administrators, and the community at large. Her background in project management also equips her with the necessary organizational and problem-solving skills to tackle complex issues that may arise in the course of her duties. 

Tracey’s vision for the future of education in Concord is both inspiring and practical. She is committed to ensuring that all students receive the best possible education, regardless of their background or individual needs. To achieve this goal, she advocates for the implementation of innovative teaching methods, increased support for teachers, and a focus on social-emotional learning. These initiatives will not only improve academic performance but also foster a nurturing and inclusive environment in our schools. 

We wholeheartedly endorse Tracey Marano for the School Committee. Her dedication, experience, and vision make her the ideal candidate to help shape the future of education in our community. We encourage our fellow Concord residents to join us in supporting Tracey Marano for this important position. 

Kelly and Chris Ryan 

Birch Drive