Vote for my grandson, Andrew Herchek 

April 5, 2024

I strongly and enthusiastically support Andrew Herchek for the Concord School Committee. As his grandfather, I am able to provide the voters of Concord with better information about his background and unique qualifications for this Committee. 

You should know that Andrew is a very bright, energetic, hardworking and personable individual. He has excelled in academics and business and is a dedicated loving husband and father of two children who are in the early years of Concord’s grade school. 

He was born in Emerson Hospital and attended Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Concord. It was at CCHS that Andrew met and later married his sweetheart Whitney Sharp. While in his school years Andrew participated in several sports such as golf, soccer, and tennis. Currently at Concord Country Club he is a member of the Finance Committee and an avid golfer and paddle tennis player. 

Following CCHS Andrew was admitted to a dual-degree program at Colby and Dartmouth Colleges where he earned his BA degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences (Colby) followed by his BE degree in Mechanical Engineering and ME degree in Engineering Management (Dartmouth). Later Andrew was admitted to Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA degree. 

When Andrew finished college he worked for product development companies and is currently the COO of a company in the water filtration business. 

Andrew has volunteered for causes such as Walk for Hunger and Habitat for Humanity. 

Finally, I want the citizens of Concord to know that Andrew is a man of high standards — character, integrity, resourcefulness, hardworking, problem solver, fiscally conservative, accountable, congenial, etc., and that he will apply his background in education, management and technology to uphold the high standards of Concord’s education program. 

Todd C. De Binder 

Border Road